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Earning money with Grubhub is easy

You’ll earn competitive pay, keep 100% of your tips, and create your own flexible schedule. You just need a few things to get started:

All drivers must also be at least 18 years of age (21+ in Las Vegas), but no previous delivery experience is required!

How Grubhub delivery works

Our process is fast and simple so you can apply, deliver, and get paid quickly. Just follow these steps:

Sign up in the app

Applying is easy. Start by downloading the Grubhub for Drivers app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. Fill out the form at the top of this page, and we’ll send you the link directly!


Get paid

Grubhub's pay model is simple and transparent, with drivers earning base pay and keeping 100% of tips. Plus, you have the option to get paid the same day with Instant Cash Out or on Thursdays with direct deposit – whichever you prefer.


Deliver when you want

Unlike a usual part-time or full-time job, Grubhub gives you the flexibility to work when you want. Use Scheduling to reserve blocks of time and secure dedicated delivery hours to help boost your earnings and your driver level. Blocks all full? Toggle to Taking Offers in the Driver app to become available for receiving offers when your market needs more delivery partners on the road.


Boost your driver level

Grubhub's driver recognition levels help you work your way to higher earnings and better rewards. The higher your level, the better your features, for example: Pro and Premier drivers gain early access to scheduling blocks!

Got more questions? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Two options for getting paid fast​

Delivery partners can select direct deposit for payment on Thursdays or use Instant Cashout when money is needed sooner! Payments and tips are available in the Driver App just 15 minutes after a delivery is completed, making same-day earnings easy.

With Grubhub Instant Cashout, you can cash out your earnings as often as you want. Connect a Chase checking or savings account to get your money in moments with no Instant Cashout fees, or use another bank for a small $0.50 fee per transaction. Prefer to cash out directly to your bank’s Visa or Mastercard debit card? It’s quick and reliable, and each transaction costs just $0.50.

Built to support every delivery partner

Grubhub is proud to support our delivery partners who work however much they need to achieve their goals. From aspirations to relationships, Grubhub delivery partners invite us into their lives and discuss how delivering helps them move forward without limits.

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1Service Fee: Chase Total Checking has no Monthly Service Fee when you do at least one of the following each statement period: Option #1: Have electronic deposits made into this account totaling $500 or more, such as payments from payroll providers or government benefit providers, by using (i) the ACH network, (ii) the Real Time Payment network, or (iii) third party services that facilitate payments to your debit card using the Visa or Mastercard network; including when you cash out your Grubhub delivery earnings through the Grubhub for Drivers App; OR, Option #2: Keep a balance at the beginning of each day of $1,500 or more in your checking account; OR, Option #3: Keep an average beginning day balance of $5,000 or more in any combination of this account and linked qualifying Chase checking, savings and other balances. Otherwise a $12 Monthly Service Fee will apply. Product terms subject to change. For more information, please see a banker or visit

Bonus/Account Information: Offer not available to existing Chase checking customers, or those whose accounts have been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance. To receive the bonus: 1) Open a new Chase Total Checking account, which is subject to approval; AND 2) Cash out your Grubhub delivery earnings one time through the Grubhub for Drivers app using your new Chase Total Checking Account within 90 days of account opening. Cash out your delivery earnings as many times as you would like, up to $500 per day. After you have completed all the above requirements, we’ll deposit the bonus in your new account within 10 business days. You can receive only one new checking account related bonus every two years from the last enrollment date and only one bonus per account. Bonus is considered interest and will be reported on IRS Form 1099-INT (or Form 1042-S, if applicable).

2Account Closing: If the checking account is closed by the customer or Chase within six months after opening, we will deduct the bonus amount at closing.

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