Losing account access — and your right to appeal

Grubhub delivery partners are essential to connecting customers with their favorite merchants, and we aim to support you with tools, knowledge, and resources to deliver safely and effectively.

Understand how you can lose account access

We may limit access for delivery partners in certain markets to help balance the needs of the market with the number of delivery partners on the road, ensuring your earning potential is protected. In some markets, this means delivery partners with the highest stats may receive priority for scheduling and offers.

Deactivation can occur for several reasons, like registration and ID issues, background check results, or getting three specific account violations within a rolling 90-day period.

Account violations include falsifying location or delivery progress, improperly marking restaurants as closed, avoiding dropoff photos, and more. We recognize that sometimes things happen outside of your control, and after 90 days, a violation will be removed from your account.

In certain markets, we may limit or remove your ability to take offers to ensure the number of drivers on the road is in line with available delivery opportunities.

 In some cases, an account may be terminated if there is reason to believe a material breach of contract has occurred. Examples include fraud, illegal activity, or actions that threaten a merchant’s or customer’s safety. For more information, view the Delivery Partner Agreement and Terms of Use.

Navigating violations for seamless deliveries

Giving our delivery partners clear guidelines for using the Grubhub for Drivers app creates the best possible experience for delivery partners, merchants, and customers.

  • If you receive an account violation, you’ll get an email and notification in the Grubhub for Drivers app. Violation notifications contain details about the violation, including why and when it occurred, to help you stay up-to-date on Grubhub’s policies and avoid future violations.
  • To view your violations, visit the Account tab in the Driver app and tap Account Violations to see more detailed information about each violation.
  • In order to continue receiving offers, you’ll need to acknowledge each violation in the app.

Your right to appeal any account deactivation

As a delivery partner, you always have the opportunity to appeal your account deactivation by submitting this form

Appeals should be submitted as quickly as possible after deactivation* and will be personally reviewed by our team.

*Appeal windows vary from market to market.

Your safety is a top priority

We strive to create a working environment free of discrimination or harassment and are always updating our platform to include new safety tools and resources.

Have more questions about your Grubhub for Drivers account access?

When your account is deactivated due to 3 account violations, your contract will be terminated within a 90-day period.

An email will be sent to the address associated with your Grubhub for Drivers account describing the next steps and appeal process, where you can provide details on the individual violations.

After 90 days, the violation will automatically be removed from your account. If your account is blocked, you can fill out the appeal form sent to your Grubhub for Drivers registered email address.

Behaviors that can lead to an account violation include: 

  • Unassigning orders resulting in delayed or canceled delivery
  • Marking restaurants as closed when they are not closed
  • Failing to deliver/delivering orders to the wrong place after pick up
  • Delaying pickup or drop-off of orders you’ve accepted  
  • Overcharging orders on the Grubhub for Drivers card
  • Masking/falsifying location
  • Falsifying delivery progress
  • Incorrect photos
  • Canceling orders without cause

For more information, please review the Fraudulent Use Policy in our Help Center.

In some markets, adjustments can be made to account access that limits your ability to toggle on and accept offers. 

This can happen to ensure that the number of delivery partners on the road is in line with the number of available delivery opportunities and is more likely to occur in highly competitive markets or in markets where we’ve had to make adjustments to our platform to continue operating sustainably, like New York City.