Driver Safety Council:
Doing the work to advocate
for delivery partner safety.

The Driver Safety Council is where Grubhub and Grubhub delivery partners come together to keep safety at the forefront of every delivery.

Our mission is to bring Grubhub and Grubhub delivery partners together to enable feedback, engagement and continuous improvement on safety-related topics and initiatives. Our aim is to foster a safer experience for all through close collaboration with our delivery partners.

Member Spotlight:

We’re shining the spotlight on these awesome council members.

“My favorite part of being a part of the Driver Safety Council is hearing from other drivers and learning there are so many drivers who care about GH and care about making a difference for other drivers.”

Diana H.
GH Driver, New Orleans, LA

“Being a part of the Driver Safety Council helped me feel empowered, I know I am making a difference for my biker community at GH!”

Nilton R.
GH Biker, Boston, MA

Focus groups:

The Driver Safety Council is broken up into smaller groups that focus on different ways to improve safety for all of our delivery partners. Some of these groups include:

Bike Safety

General safety for delivery partners
Women’s safety
Areas of special interest

Benefits to being a Driver Safety Council member:

Council members get some great perks that include:

  • Free Grubhub+ membership during the 6 month council tenure
  • Custom swag
  • Spotlight on Grubhub for Drivers web page
  • Company-wide email shout-out

Criteria for joining the council:

  • Deliver with Grubhub for at least 5-6 months
  • Complete 400 lifetime orders
  • Complete at least 30 orders in the last 3 months

Are you interested in representing delivery partners in your area? You’d be a great candidate for the council.


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