Commited to
your safety.

From the time you turn on the Driver app, to your last delivery of the day, your safety is our priority.

Current Safety initiatives

Grubhub is committed to your safety throughout your delivery journey. Some of the measures Grubhub offers to keep you safe are:

The Driver Safety Council is driving change.

Grubhub delivery partners are working together to help delivery partners around the country feel safe.

Learn more about the Driver Safety Council, its initiatives and how to apply for membership* here.

*Membership applications are available for active delivery partners only.

Grubhub Safety Partnerships

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Safety Services with RapidSOS

We’ve partnered with RapidSOS to bring you safety services right on the Driver app—giving you peace of mind every time you deliver. The new safety services within the driver app offer a variety of options to give you the support you need.

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Nextbase Dash Cams

We’ve teamed up with Nextbase, the top-rated dash cam company, to add an extra layer of safety to your deliveries. Grubhub delivery partners in select markets can purchase Nextbase dash cam products at a discounted rate.

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Driver and Biker Safety Tips

Check out these safety FAQs and resources for drivers and bikers.

Safety FAQs

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us at Grubhub. If you’re injured or anyone’s immediate safety is threatened, please reach out to your local emergency services.

If everyone is safe and well but unable to complete an order, navigate to the ‘Account’ section within the Grubhub for Drivers app and select ‘Current Deliveries’ under the ‘Help’ menu.

Some delivery partners may feel safer knowing their friends or family have their location in case of emergency. 

On iOS devices, you can share your location through your Messages app and you would need to enable your location sharing on Android devices. For additional support, please visit our help center for step-by-step instructions.

Your safety is of the utmost importance to us at Grubhub. If you’re injured, or anyone’s immediate safety is threatened, please reach out to your local emergency services.

If there is not an immediate safety threat but you can’t fulfill an order, please select There’s a Problem at the bottom of the order and follow the on-screen instructions.

Grubhub is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination or harassment. Accordingly, those utilizing Grubhub’s platform are prohibited from engaging in sexual or other harassment, or any discriminatory acts. This prohibition applies to delivery partners and any third party using the platform, including diners, restaurant employees, or anyone else who a delivery partner may come into contact with on their deliveries or while providing services. In many instances, committing acts of sexual or other harassment is also a violation of law. Please also see Grubhub’s Terms of Use and Delivery Partner Terms of Use. To report a complaint of discrimination or sexual harassment while using the Grubhub platform please fill in this form.

The Driver Safety Council is where Grubhub and Grubhub delivery partners come together to enable feedback, engagement, and continuous improvement on safety-related topics and initiatives. Our aim is to partner with our delivery partners, using their feedback and insights to foster a safer experience for all of our delivery partners.

To ensure all delivery partners who choose to deliver with a bicycle are aware of safe best practices, please review some helpful tips below: 

  • Cyclists have all the rights and are subject to all of the duties and regulations applicable to drivers of motor vehicles, including: 
  • Ride in a straight line, obey traffic signs and signals, and do not weave in and out of traffic. 
  • Look, signal, and look again before changing lanes or making a turn. 
  • Watch out for car doors. 
  • Stay visible for both daytime and nighttime riding. 
  • Use your bell to alert drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. 
  • Wear a helmet. 

Please visit here for more information on bike safety in a city metro.