Alcohol Delivery

At times, you may get orders containing alcoholic beverages. The following information is intended to help you lawfully deliver alcohol. Please note that you could be held liable if you deliver alcohol to a minor or someone who is visibly intoxicated, so it’s important that you follow this process fully to protect yourself and the diner.

Current Grubhub Alcohol Delivery Markets

Currently, Grubhub only permits alcohol delivery in the below markets.  You are not authorized to deliver orders containing alcohol outside of these markets.  Within authorized markets, there are market-specific requirements that apply to you, summarized below:

Cook County, IL

  • You must be 21 years of age or older to deliver alcohol in Cook County, IL.
  • In the event you receive an order that does not, or you cannot, comply with applicable legal requirements, please reach out to driver care at (866) 834-3963.

New York State

  • In order to accept a delivery containing beer, you must have a copy of the required Fleet Trucking Permit in your vehicle.  If you do not have your own permit, you may download and print a copy here.
  • The only form of alcohol available for delivery in New York State is beer.
  • Beer must be delivered in connection with a food order in the ratio of no more than two individual servings per entree.
  • In the event you receive an order that does not, or you cannot, comply with applicable legal requirements, please reach out to driver care at (866) 834-3963.

Age and ID Verification

When an order contains alcohol, the law requires you to verify the age of the diner before you hand over the alcohol. You can only deliver alcohol if the diner is 21 years of age or older. To verify age, ask the diner to see a valid ID. Check every diner’s ID every time, even if the diner clearly appears to be over 21. A valid ID must include a photograph and date of birth.
For example, acceptable forms of ID may include:
  • A valid driver’s license issued by federal, state, county, or municipal government;
  • A valid passport; or
  • An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States that contains the name, date of birth, description, and picture of the person.
(IMPORTANT CORRECTION: IDNYC is not an acceptable form of ID to buy alcohol in the state of New York. When checking diners’ IDs, please ask to see one of the above acceptable forms of identification.)

Next, make sure the ID is not invalid or fake:
  1. Check the expiration date.  Do not accept an ID that is expired.
  2. Compare the diner at the door to the photo in the ID.  Examine facial features: are the height, eye shape, ear and nose shape or placement similar?  Ignore weight, hair and makeup as these may change.
  3. Feel the edges of the ID – a legitimate ID will have smooth, uniform edges.  A fake ID may have rougher edges and perhaps may be coming apart.
  4. Look for glue lines or bumpy or uneven surfaces. A real ID’s surface should be consistent.

Check for Intoxication

Do not deliver alcohol if the diner is visibly intoxicated or drunk based on factors you can see, smell, and/or hear. Here are some signs to help you determine if a person is intoxicated:
  1. Clumsiness, staggering, unsteady gait
  2. Poor coordination, slowed reflexes, diminished reaction times
  3. Bloodshot eyes, impaired tracking ability
  4. Slurred speech, incoherent speech patterns
  5. Odor of alcohol on breath
  6. Poor judgment, risky behavior
  7. Decreased reasoning ability, forgetfulness
  8. Exaggerated emotion, excitement, belligerent attitude
  9. Disheveled clothing, poor personal grooming
  10. Flushed complexion, sweating

Restricted Locations

Do NOT, under any circumstances, deliver alcohol to the following locations:
  1. Public or private school (K-12) (e.g. an elementary school);
  2. College campus (e.g. a frat house);
  3. Prison, reformatory, veterans’ home, or state capitol grounds;
  4. Locker or similar package storage service (e.g. a storage facility); or
  5. Business that sells alcohol (e.g. liquor store).

Use Your Judgement

Lastly, use your judgment.  If you have any doubts about the ID, the diner, or encounter a situation in which it does not seem reasonable to deliver alcohol (e.g. there is a party with minors present), do not complete delivery and contact Driver Care at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.

What Can I Expect in the App?

1. Accept the offer

If an order contains alcohol, you will see a note when you receive the offer that states the Order contains alcohol.

If you meet requirements, tap Accept.

2. Verify ID and Confirm Age

When you arrive at the diner, you will be prompted to check the diner’s ID. If you verify that the:

  • ID is valid
  • The diner is the individual in the photo, and
  • The diner is 21+, by checking his/her date of birth against the date displayed

Tap Yes.

If the diner is under 21, tap No. Leave the other items with the diner and return the alcohol to the restaurant.

3. Collect a Signature

After confirming that the diner is 21+, you will be prompted to obtain a signature.

Have the diner sign directly on your phone with his/her finger, and tap Done when complete.

4. Complete the Delivery

After receiving the diner’s signature, you will be able to confirm that the order is complete by tapping Delivered.