Grubhub California Delivery Partner Safety Course

(Required by California Law)

In this safety course you will learn:

  • Safe driving tips
  • How to report sexual assault and other misconduct
  • Tips to ensure food is delivered safely

This course is required by California law for all Grubhub delivery partners beginning January 1, 2021. This course does not change or modify your relationship with Grubhub as an independent contractor. For questions about your relationship with Grubhub, please refer to your Grubhub Delivery Partner Agreement.

Safe Driving

In the interest of your own safety, as well as that of the community, please adhere to the following safe driving guidelines.

  • Always follow the speed limit.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Pay close attention to traffic signs, crosswalks, and any obstacles on the road.
  • Avoid distractions. Pull over before answering the phone or engaging with the Grubhub for Drivers app.
  • Never read or send text messages while driving.
  • Comply with all traffic laws.
  • Never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Here are some additional safe driving tips.

  • Always wear your seatbelt.
  • Keep a safe following distance between you and the car in front of you. Never tailgate.
  • Come to a full stop at all stop signs.
  • Remember to always use your turn signals before making a turn.
  • Check your blind spot before merging or changing lanes.
  • Follow appropriate driving techniques for the weather (i.e., rain, snow).

For more resources, please review the California DMV’s Driver Safety & Education page.

Sexual Harassment & Misconduct

If at any time you feel unsafe or witness illegal and/or criminal conduct during a delivery, contact local law enforcement.

All users of Grubhub’s platform are prohibited from engaging in sexual or other forms of harassment. This prohibition extends to delivery partners, diners, restaurant personnel, or any other third party using Grubhub’s platform. Grubhub maintains a policy against sexual and other forms of harassment, available here.

Any delivery partner who experiences sexual or other harassment may submit a complaint by placing a call to Grubhub’s Customer Care Team at 1-877-585-1085, or via email to [email protected]

Food Safety

To partner with Grubhub, you must use an insulated delivery bag when transporting orders. These bags help insure that food is transported at a safe temperature.

  • Please note: the bag you use is up to you and does not need to be Grubhub branded. Restaurants will not provide you with food orders unless you have an insulated delivery bag.

Under California law, restaurants are required to give you orders in tamper-evident packaging (ie. sealed bags and containers). Do not pick up food from a restaurant unless it is provided in a tamper resistant bag or container.

For more resources on food safety, please refer to the NEHA food safety guidelines.