Chad E.

Chicago, IL

Chad lets his passion projects take the wheel as he creates vibrant and safe creative spaces. See how he’s using his $10K grant to foster a new generation of creative leaders.

Based in Chicago, Chad is a recording artist, graphic designer, painter, and podcaster on a mission for more. Driven by his passion projects, he turned to Grubhub as a way to pay the bills, but also for inspiration. 

“I get some of my best ideas when I’m driving, so when I get home, I’m inspired,” Chad says.

With the flexibility of delivery, he’s able to keep making those dreams come to life. Motivated by the tumultuous events of 2020, Chad has been a voice for change. His 25 Black History Heroes project brought historic and modern Black figures to life through the lens of a Comic Book—putting the spotlight on important racial issues that continue to ravage our country. 

And he didn’t stop there. Chad continues to fuel his creativity, and his work continues to address important topics—the latest being the lack of funding for art programs.

As a recipient of the $10K Grubhub Driver Grant, Chad plans to rent an art studio where he can mentor young artists as they start to realize their own creative visions. From running seminars and workshops to guiding them in the creation and marketing of their work, Chad intends to create an environment where he can show others how to make an impact with their art, just like he does. 

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