Get to know Prop 22

Prop 22 is a California law that protects your right to be your own boss, while providing extra benefits and protections when you’re on the road.

Here's what CA drivers can expect with Prop 22:

Guaranteed minimum pay​​

You have more stability with guaranteed minimum earnings equal to at least 120% of the local minimum wage at your pickup location multiplied by your active delivery time, plus your per-mile compensation. Here’s what these mean:

Your guaranteed minimum earnings

Active delivery time is the total time from when you accept an offer to when you deliver an order. 

Local minimum wage is based on the location where you pick up an order. $0.34 per mile compensation is paid per mile you drive during an active delivery period.

Your additional earnings

100% of your tips from completed deliveries are in addition to your guaranteed minimum earnings. And, as always, you keep every penny.

At the end of the pay period, if your guaranteed minimum earnings do not meet or exceed 120% of the local minimum wage, Grubhub will make up the difference.

Health subsidies from Grubhub

You may qualify for a quarterly healthcare subsidy, which is an additional payment from Grubhub that you can put towards your health insurance.


To qualify, you need to provide proof of health insurance every quarter, and average at least 15 hours per week of active delivery time over that quarter.


There are two levels of subsidies that you can get:


Delivery partners with a total active delivery time of at least 15 hours, but less than 25 hours per week on average over the entire quarter.


Delivery partners with a total active delivery time of 25 hours per week or more on average over the entire quarter.

The exact subsidy amounts will be established when Covered California posts its rates. Once your insurance is accepted, you can expect to receive a subsidy by the end of that month.

Mandatory rest periods

Under Prop 22, you are required to toggle off for at least 6 hours when you are logged into the Driver App for 12 hours or more (over a 24 hour period). To help you meet this requirement, we will send a notification after 11 hours of delivering, so you can finish any remaining deliveries within the 12-hour time period. At that time, you will not be able to toggle on.

State-mandated safety training

Under Prop 22, California delivery partners are required to complete a safety course on safe driving, food safety, and reporting misconduct. 

Learn more about Prop 22 by checking out our FAQs.