Learn about NYC’s
guaranteed pay

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) set a minimum pay rule for app-based food delivery workers.

Background of guaranteed pay in NYC

New York City’s Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP) guarantees minimum earnings per active hour for delivery partners as of December of 2023. Each week, you’ll be paid at least the minimum hourly rate based on your active delivery time, which is the total time from accepting an offer to delivering an order. You can see a breakdown of your active delivery time in the Earnings tab of the Driver app. Learn more about minimum pay rates.

What NYC delivery partners can expect

Delivery partners who earn below the required minimum will receive a pay adjustment at the end of the weekly pay period. To align the number of available delivery offers with the number of delivery partners on the road, drivers with higher stats and greater delivery volume will see the most opportunities to earn, increased flexibility in times to deliver, more efficient trip times, and less time spent waiting for offers.

What this means for you

Excel on the road for extra earning opportunities

In addition to paying each delivery partner for their active delivery time, Grubhub may pay for the total inactive time accumulated by all drivers in the market each week. This is the time a delivery partner is toggled on, but not on a delivery. While individuals are not entitled to their own inactive pay, delivery partners that excel on the road (like achieving a high driver level or stats) and are ready to go with an insulated bag and Driver Card have more opportunity to see a portion of this total inactive pay. Inactive pay will appear as extra earnings through increased offer pay, an Appreciation bonus, or both. See examples of how minimum pay may be applied.

Leverage scheduling for guaranteed time on the road

With this law, drivers not on a block are only able to Toggle on to deliver when there are enough available offers. Use block scheduling to secure delivery time.

Your driver stats unlock scheduling access

Your access to blocks is dependent on your offer commitment rate (OCR). Your OCR is calculated based on how many offers you accept and follow through on, as well as how many you unassign, and is updated in real-time based on your last 14 days of activity. Grubhub will communicate the necessary OCR for scheduling access directly with drivers. View your current OCR in the Account tab of the app under View my stats.

Continue accepting offers to stay on the road

Make sure you continue to accept offers while on the road. If there are not enough offers in your area or a series of offers is not fulfilled, you’ll be temporarily unable to accept new offers in order to prioritize delivery partners who are actively engaged.

You still keep 100% of your tips

Guaranteed minimum earnings are determined before tips, meaning you still keep 100% of your tips and they’re paid out on top of the minimum pay rate.

Notice of Rights

As a New York City Grubhub delivery partner, you have rights defined by the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection (DCWP). View your notice of rights.

*Grubhub reserves the right to modify any aspect of this payment method consistent with the law, which does not guarantee higher earnings to delivery partners with higher stats. All earnings depend on various factors, including market conditions, geographic location, and driver behavior and performance.