Your Grubhub pay is getting better! Learn how.

Based on your feedback, we’re improving how you’re paid for your efforts on every order. One of the things we heard most was that our previous base fee for each delivery didn’t accurately represent the time you spent fulfilling an order. You also told us that calculating mileage as a straight line only from the restaurant to the diner didn’t accurately account for the full route you would need to take. 

Now, your total order earnings will be determined based on time and mileage, in addition to the full tip from the diner. We’ll now account for the time it’s estimated to take and how far you’re estimated to drive when compensating you for delivering each order.

Just like before, you’ll still keep 100% of your tips, and your per-order earnings will continue to be determined independently and separately from the tips you receive. We remain committed to transparency and will still show the total amount you’ll earn before you accept any order.

Here’s an example of an order using both the previous and new pay calculations

A few important things to know

  • If you receive an offer that has multiple orders, we’ll calculate the estimated total time and mileage for all orders together.
  • If you receive an offer before completing your current delivery, we’ll calculate estimated time and mileage for the new offer starting from where you’ll complete the current delivery.
  • Time and mileage estimates are set when you receive the offer and will not change based on actual time or mileage driven.
  • Total daily pay for time, mileage, and any applicable bonuses will be shown as “Delivery Pay” at the top of your pay summary.

Where can I address questions or concerns?

We’re always working to improve our understanding of individual markets, traffic patterns, weather conditions, and order complexities. Your feedback matters as we further refine how we compensate you for your efforts. Contact your Driver Specialist if you have any questions or comments.